For Aron Woolman">

21" New or 22" Supreme Hi-Cap Double Bottom Drip Pan => For Aron Woolman

This 304 stainless drip pan is the shape of the grill for great coverage. 
The double bottom greatly reduces your oil temps while low and slow cooking and roasting.. keeps it from smoking and drippings from burning.

Great for keeping drippings for Au-Jus or gravy..
If you don't use Au Jus or make gravy it's a waste.

All KK grills come standard with a round stainless drip pan but the shape of this one gives you a much larger indirect area above.
  • Standard Equipment

    Comes standard with two 3/8” 304 stainless steel grates that can be used in four cooking positions, SS charcoal basket, SS drip pan, heat deflector, rotisserie shaft system (roti ready), Auto Temp control fan faceplate (BBQ Guru/Rocks Stokker), Teak and stainless BBQ Guru plug, side accessory plates, grate hanger. Spare parts/replacement kit with extra knobs, rear hinge spring, food grade silicone gaskets, matching tiles, acrylic grout, springs, food grade silicone polder plugs, wrench, crow bar, Springs for door and plug, allen keys..
  • Specifications

Optional Accessories