Deposit - Tiles to build a Cobalt Blue Pebble - "Build List only"

These Cobalt Blue Pebble tiles are unsorted, they will be sorted for shade and tone. 
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  • Standard Equipment

    It come standard with 3 levels of 3/8”” 304 stainless grates that can be used to cook on 4 levels. It also comes standard with a charcoal basket splitter reducer that lets you cook on a reduced volume of charcoal. SS charcoal basket, SS drip pan, 2 pair of heat deflectors one for browning, rotisserie shaft system (roti ready), Auto Temp control fan faceplate (BBQ Guru/Rocks Stokker), Teak and stainless BBQ Guru plug, side accessory plates, grill hanger. Spare kit with extra knobs, gaskets, matching tiles, springs, plugs etc.
  • Specifications

Optional Accessories