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About Komodo Kamado

Dennis Linkletter, the founder and designer of Komodo Kamado, grew up in Laguna Beach CA and has been living and working in Indonesia for the last 27 years. He successfully designed and built, multiple lines of teak furniture which were sold throughout the United States, but primarily through Not So Far East Trading in Los Angeles. Today his hand hewn/distressed teak flooring and doors are incorporated in hotels, high-end homes and retail spaces world wide. He currently lives in Bali with his Thai wife Saisuda and their two children. And because it’s always asked, yes he is the son of Jack Linkletter and grandson of television legend Art Linkletter. Dennis learned that a very talented crew of artisans who had been manufacturing a ceramic grill in Surabaya, Indonesia had been abandoned when it’s “morally ambiguous” owner was suddenly forced to leave the country. After hearing this story, Dennis discovered on the internet that several companies were successfully selling Kamado style, egg-shaped grills and their customers were unusually passionate about them. He decided to build a grill that capitalized on the strengths and corrected the flaws. Adopting the talented and experienced crew Dennis launched Komodo Kamado. Over the next 12 years every feature of ceramic cookers was examined, brainstormed upon then redesigned. The resulting grill is completely revolutionary in it’s materials, design, engineering and performance. If you take into consideration methods of fabrication, quality of materials, engineering and performance, it’s obvious that Komodo Kamado is the industry’s unchallenged leader as the ultimate, high performance grill for the discriminating enthusiast.
Komodo Kamado Grills are imported and distributed in the US exclusively by Ultimate OTB Imports LLC.