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Big Bad

The Big Bad 32 is the newest member of the Komodo family designed to cook for large groups yet still be user-friendly for everyday cooks. With over 12 square feet of total grilling surface available to choose from, there’s plenty of room at all four levels. Boasting a whopping 128 lbs of 304 stainless this grill is nothing short of decadent indulgence. This grill represents the pinnacle of what’s possible in a charcoal grill.

Big Bad 32" Cost

Standard square tiles
Pebble shaped tiles and Bronze metallic tiles

Multi-Layer Construction
The BB32 is designed for both durability and performance. It is cast using refractory cements, these are the same materials industries use for all high temperature containment from blast furnaces to nuclear facilities.

This is the inside of the grill and has a dense durable refractory material. the firebox is the same material.

This is a vermiculite based insulation that is fortified with AeroGel the world's most efficient insulation.

The grill is jacketed with glazed ceramic tiles to protect the lightweight vermiculite insulation. A high tech insulation with nano ceramic spheres is used both as the adhesive and grout. This material is elastomeric and will flex as the grill expands when heated.


Height: 54″ (137 cm)
Height (open) 60″ (152 cm)
Height (to lip) 34 2/3″ (88 cm)
Width (Body): 36 1/4″ (92 cm)
Max width (legs): 37 3/4″ (96 cm)
Depth: 33 1/16″ (84 cm)
Depth: (open) 37 1/2″ (95 cm)
The BB 32 comes loaded with four 304 Stainless cooking grids that can be used in five positions in the cooker.
BB32 Grill Weight

Gross Weight: 1,128 lbs (crated with all components)

Net Weight: 968 lbs (with all components)

Net Weight: 918 lbs (with grills)

Lid: 194 lbs

Base: 512 lbs

The BB32 comes rotisserie ready. There is a sleeve on the inside left wall of the grill with a spring loaded plate and a sleeve on the right with a socket on the inside. The drive shaft has two bearings and sockets on both ends. One inside and one outside. The motor is mounted on the side accessory plate..and drives the outside socket which drives the roti..

The BB32 uses a 27" long cradle that is 10" wide. It has two adapters to reduce the cradle to both 8" for turkeys and rib roasts and 6" for chickens.

Automatic Temperature Controllers

All KK grills come plug and play ready for temperature control devices. These use fans and probes to control airflow/temperature. Just set your target grill temperature and walk away. Some models use wifi to send both your grill and meat's temps to your smart phone. The two most popular ones are the BBQ Guru ( and the Stoker (