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Dual-Fuel Komodo Kamado

The newest addition to the Komodo Kamado family the Dual-Fuel gives users the choice of cooking with gas or using charcoal. The conversion takes only minutes and requires no tools.  

The grill has a valve box cast into the body and has plumbing to connect the gas at the rear of the grill.  Inside the grill is a faceplate with holes with centered jets. A stainless rack sits on top of the firebox, the stainless tube burners sit in notches, another rack sits on the lower one. This upper section holds the large heat shields which are 5" under the main grates for uniform heat distribution. This creates a quality gas cooking experience. The gas assembly can also be installed or removed as one large piece.  Minutes later you can be cooking with charcoal.  We are currently taking custom orders for Dual-Fuel units for the 21" Supreme and the 23" Ultimate.

Dual-Fuel Prices             Square tiles         Pebble & Metallic tiles
23" Ultimate                       $4,980                       $5,160
21” Supreme                      $4,400                       $4,600