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Komodo Kamado FAQ / More info than you need

In your search for excellent performance, you could buy a lot of different specialty grills or smokers for the different types of charcoal cooking you do.  Or you could buy just one.

Whether you are grilling, baking pizza at high temps, doing low and slow cooks, or using our unique rotisserie option, Komodo matches or out performs the industry's best in these different types of cooks.

Only Komodo can make this claim across the board.  These features along with being built with the finest materials and production techniques make Komodo stand alone.         

Kamado is a Japanese word for an earthenware cooking vessel.  There are many Kamados on the market, Primo Kamado (, Kamado Joe (, Grill Dome ( and  the Big Green Egg( are all Kamados.  That being said, all Kamados are not created equal..

These other Kamados are all basically glazed ceramic pots with hinged straps and airflow control components.  They have a large firebox which protects the glazed outer body from the high temps from the charcoal.  Generally they have very low-quality fabrication and materials.  Primarily using powder painted carbon steel components and grills, these components are pretty much at the bottom of the quality index.

I'm Dennis Linkletter and American from So California living in Bali Indonesia for the last 26 years designing and building teak furniture.  Komodo Kamado was started thirteen years ago. We took the product in a radically different direction from the other Kamado grills by using the world's most durable material high-temperature  containment, refractory cements.  We then took it one step further by adding two layers of actual insulation. This along with casting the straps into the body, making it self opening, using the finest methods of fabrication and only 304 stainless steel put Komodo Kamado into a class of it's own.  

While in the same category it's like comparing a Model T to an Aston Martin in both performance and user's experience.  

Just the weight difference tells the story. Typically glazed pot ceramic grills weigh about 140-150 lbs total..   In comparison, the 32" KK weighs about a half ton and has a a whopping 128 lbs of 304 Stainless steel alone..

I'm happy to call you and answer any questions you may have about Komodo or ceramic cooking, just call at 424 270-1948 if voice mail please leave your number and how late in the evening is acceptable to call.  

Please take the time to look through the links below to better understand why we believe our Komodo to be unequaled for charcoal cooking..  

My favorite review.  I'm embarrassed to say it has more detail in it than my website.  It’s on the famous Naked Whiz Ceramic grill and Charcoal review site. 

 Inside this review of the 23" OTB model, he measured the surface temps on the dome of the KK vs. a large Egg. Big difference:   "At 400 degrees, the temperature of the dome on the Egg varied from 180 degrees at the lower edge of the dome to 245 degrees at the top of the dome near the upper vent. The Komodo Kamado varied from 110 degrees at the base of the dome to 160 degrees at the top near the upper vent. 

While the dome of the Egg was scorching hot to the touch, you could leave your hand anywhere on the Komodo Kamado's dome for at least a few seconds. Clearly the Komodo Kamado is keeping more heat inside the cooker.”

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“Far and away the best ceramic cooker I’ve used.”

Chris Lilly
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"Komodo Kamado is the best cooking, most efficient and aesthetically perfect outdoor cooker on the market. Ask your children what tile color they prefer… one day the Komodo Kamado will be theirs.”

Meathead Goldwyn
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“Pay attention all you Eggheads; Komodo Kamado may be the most striking cookers in the world with superb craftsmanship and performance with innovative features."

Derrick Riches
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The Komodo Kamado is a luxury grill, the epitome of over-engineering.. You buy this grill because it is attractive, extremely well built and because you can.”

Top 10,  “Ultimate, Best of the Best on the market”  Top 10,  “Ultimate, Best of the Best on the market  Komodo Kamado OTB 23" Charcoal Grill Review Komodo Kamado 23" Ultimate Review

Foodie/Blogger "Professor Salt"  "The Bugatti Veyron of ceramic cookers"

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CNBC -  "Today Show" segment with Chris Lilly, Al Roker, Matt Lauer and Meridith Vieira

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Kingsford Charcoal gives away a Komodo Kamado in their Facebook sweepstakes describing  it as "an innovative ceramic smoker/grill which represents the pinnacle of what's possible in a charcoal BBQ."

PS  Kingsford Charcoal bought 18 grills for their board of directors, factory mangers, Chris Lilly and their facebook give aways.

KK grill at 235ºf goes 85 hours on 1 - 16 lb bowl of KK CoCo Charcoal

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Limited Lifetime Warranty*
Manufacturer will replace any unit or part that fails from substandard workmanship or material failure.

Why No Komodos in stores?
I stumbled into these Kamado grills by accident and jumped in without a proper business or marketing plan.. One thing led to another and soon we found ourselves building a grill that cost so much that it could not be sold using standard wholesale to retail distribution. Our only choice was to cheapen the build or sell with a reasonable profit at what would traditionally be wholesale directly to the public which is what we did.

While the grills are expensive, they are also a great value because of this.  Loosing the middlemen was the way to go.. We believe the internet is now the first place people go to research larger purchases,  using both Email and US phone numbers we can efficiently communicate with our customers.


Online information:
Komodo Kamado has an information loaded Ceramic forum with over 1,900 users and 80,000 posts. 

Design Highlights:
"Only Komodos Have" 

Only Komodo has a trigger-latch located at the handle opens the lid slowly and automatically. No lifting is needed to open the lid. User adjustable spring hidden in the hinge keeps the top open on it's own. When the lid is closed, the trigger-latch self-locks to the base with no extra effort. Just close the lid and, click, it's locked. No bending over a hot BBQ to tighten lid supports.

Base and body are one-piece construction and the heavy duty castors are hidden from view.

Only Komodo - The damper door opening is flush to the bottom of the unit making ash removal much easier. 

Only Komodo - Comes BBQ Guru and Stoker temp control device plug and play ready 

Only Komodo - Comes Rotisserie with the lid closed ready.. Cradles and motor are optional 

Only Komodo -The damper top uses a rust-free large threaded stainless steel rod. The top can be raised or lowered quicker with far fewer turns. Its shallow cup shape keeps rain out during those long low-and-slow over-night cooks. A gasket shuts the unit air tight as needed or for extinguishing the fire. No troublesome steel rusting bolts. 

Only Komodo - Bands are cast inside body to ensure perfect alignment and fit.

Only Komodo - Uses a food grade silicone gasket on the main seal. This ensures the vacuum created when the hot air leaves the chimney pulls air thru the dial airflow wheel in the draft door not thru a leaking lip gasket.

Only Komodo - uses actual insulating material and a two-layer sandwich of high tech refractory ceramic materials. A dense inner layer holds and reflects the heat. This dense material is designed by the molten metal industry to withstand temperatures of 2200ºf.   A lightweight insulating outer layer reduces heat loss. Wall thickness varies from 1.5" to 2.0", not counting additional thickness of the firebox sitting inside.

Only Komodo - Has an all stainless single hinge with user adjustable tension spring .

Only Komodo - Has a Firebox comes in two interlocking pieces. This eliminates cracking that plagues the other ceramics.