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  • 22" Supreme Hi-Cap, Matte Black Pebble - C5330I ~ Discontinued SALE - KomodoKamado
22" Supreme Hi-Cap, Matte Black Pebble - C5330I ~ Discontinued SALE
22" Supreme Hi-Cap, Matte Black Pebble - C5330I ~ Discontinued SALE

22" Supreme Hi-Cap, Matte Black Pebble - C5330I ~ Discontinued SALE

$3,680 $4,280

This $600 off sale is a Great Opportunity to purchase a KK at less than factory direct prices. We only discount discontinued or dated inventory which now is pretty much never these days.. This full standing 22" Supreme will no longer be carried in the US because it is basically the same size as the 23" Ultimate. (will be available special order only) In capacity, it's larger and weighs more than the 23" only 1" narrower but same depth. Too expensive to carry both. This grill will be replaced by a 22" Table Top that uses this exact same High-Capacity Lid with a very large lower bucket and the same components so spare parts will never be an issue.

This grill is in ready stock Carson CA

22" Supreme Hi-Cap, Matte Black Pebble - C5330I

The 22" Supreme Hi-Cap, is the newest addition to the Komodo Kamado line. Everything we have learned over the last 12 years has made it's way into this grill. From it's Hi-Cap lid to it's wide charcoal basket for uniform down low uniformity. This grill is so user-friendly that using it is actually intuitive. From grilling, to low and slow smoking to baking pizza this grill covers it all with style. Whether you are a competition chef or buying your first smoker, this grill will exceed your highest expectations.

Why Komodo Kamado?

Are you someone who appreciates fine quality, insists on having the best of the best and won’t compromise when purchasing equipment?
Someone who understands great design and wants something beautiful when they look out on their deck?
Then a Komodo Kamado is for you.

That being said…we know our grills are not for everyone — and that's ok.
If a high quality, super grill seems ridiculous to you...there are many.. much more “main stream” glazed-pot kamados on the market.
Some people claim Komodo’s costly features and components are outright lavish and extravagant... and they’re right.
Does a grill really need high-tech insulation or CNC laser cut components? Absolutely not.

On the other hand, if you value overkill and unsurpassed performance….
and think that a ceramic grill with 128 lbs of 304 stainless is awesome...
We are building grills for you.


Komodo Kamado grills are warehoused in and drop shipped from Carson California. We get great rates for residential lift gate deliveries.
A 23' box truck with a lift gate shows up at your residence, the driver will use a pallet jack to roll th create where you want it. He will not be able to go up or down stairs, over dirt or grass nor will he uncrate grills. The grill comes fully assembled. Un-crating: Removing two bolts from the bottom of each post lets you easily lift the crate up and over the top of the pallet. Removing the drywall screws from the top of the crate lets you use this piece of wood as the ramp to get the grill off the palette.
Komodo Kamado ships to pretty much every corner of the world. We generally pick up most or all of the sea freight to main ports. Once there you will be responsible for local custom clearance as well as transportation from the port to your residence. Please contact us for more information.


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