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  • Cover for 32" Big Bad ~ Marine Grade Sunbrella - KomodoKamado
Cover for 32" Big Bad ~ Marine Grade Sunbrella
Cover for 32" Big Bad ~ Marine Grade Sunbrella

Cover for 32" Big Bad ~ Marine Grade Sunbrella


Please make a note of your color selection in checkout. 

Cover for 32" Grill ~ Marine Grade Sunbrella

Cover your grill to keep moisture up and keep it looking factory fresh.

Mandatory for grills in the freeze thaw zones!

Covers are custom made up in Indonesia and sent by container to US from there UPS ground runs $26  Covers can also be  expedited by sending directly from Indo to you by Airmail .. $78

We can make the cover wider to accommodate the side tables in the down position for an additional $28. Must make note of this in checkout with the color. 

Please choose your color give it to me in the checkout notes..
Please send me your first choice and a second/back up color.
Komodo Kamado makes custom covers 
A little about these covers. We use the best material we can find,  Exterior Marine grade Sunbrella, color fast, breathable, resistant to sun, mold, mildew, atmospheric chemicals, salt, rain, etc. comes from the manufacturer with a 10 year warranty (excluding labor). The best warranty in the industry. Sunbrella is the material you see used in the marinas on 80% of the boats/sail covers. Seams are double sewn waterproof style, seam edges turned under and sewn. Heavy 18oz. nylon reinforced vinyl (truck tarp) is sewn inside around the mid section (6" wide band), and inside the very top to protect from rubbing against top of hat(damper), hinge, etc.. There's also a matching Ssunbrella handle sewn flat into the top; comes in handy for handling the covers during install/removal and can also be used to hang the cover while not in use. 

These will be made up and shipped on the next container leaving Indonesia or sent out directly post to you from Indo..
Click on the links for more details and to see available colors 
Cover for 23" Grill ~ Marine Grade Sunbrella  $170 Plus $24 for UPS from LA or $74 post directly from Indo
Cover for 32" Grill ~ Marine Grade Sunbrella   $230  Plus $28 for UPS from LA or $85 post directly from Indo
SUNBRELLA colors available right now in Indonesia

4620 BEIGE
4628 TOAST
4633 LINEN
4648 TAUPE
4675 CAPRI
4676 COCOA
6033 LINEN
6026 NAVY
6020 BEIGE
6075 CAPRI

Are you someone who appreciates fine quality, insists on having the best of the best and won’t compromise when purchasing equipment?
Someone who understands great design and wants something beautiful when they look out on their deck?
Then a Komodo Kamado is for you.
That being said…we know our grills are not for everyone — and that's ok.
If a high quality, super grill seems ridiculous to you...there are many.. much more “main stream” glazed-pot kamados on the market.
Some people claim Komodo’s costly features and components are outright lavish and extravagant... and they’re right.
Does a grill really need high-tech insulation or CNC laser cut components? Absolutely not.
On the other hand, if you value overkill and unsurpassed performance….
and think that a ceramic grill with 238 lbs of 304 stainless is awesome...
We are building grills for you.
You’re going to love… pulling the latch trigger and watching the massive lid open unassisted, and then closing with just a tug of your finger.
You’re going to love feeling the heft.. of the 3/8” stainless steel grates.
You’re going to love... The mechanical components that are CNC laser cut from brushed stainless then digitally folded and tig welded.
You’re going to love the performance.. that three different types of insulation give you...
One basket/16lbs of charcoal at 235º will burn for 85 hours.
Not a lotta airflow to dry out your meat there..
oh and most of all…
you're going to love hearing...
The ooh's and ahh's when your friends and family taste the food you’ve cooked!
Yes total Overkill but absolutely necessary…
Because, we build the finest grills possible.. no expense spared.
Because.. we build a grill so user-friendly that using it is actually intuitive.
Because… we make every component from the finest materials available and use the best methods of fabrication.
That’s what you’ll get with our grills. But you also get much more…
The more is something no other company can or will give you...the more is me.
I’ll be there with you every step of the way from choosing the right grill and accessories, getting it delivered to your door and if you’re a first time chef I’ll even walk you through your first cook.
Purchase a Komodo Kamado grill and you'll get a bit of me with every grill shipped..
a grill that you will treasure as a family heirloom,
a grill that will produce great food for a lifetime.
If you have not clicked away by now and are still here ... you are probably the person I have in mind when I build these grills.
So… does a Komodo Kamado Grill sound great?
Give us a call…you won’t get a call center. You’ll get me..
Let’s discuss how I can help you get cooking on one of my masterpieces.

Komodo Kamado grills are warehoused in and drop shipped from Carson California. We get great rates for residential lift gate deliveries.
A 23' box truck with a lift gate shows up at your residence, the driver will use a pallet jack to roll th create where you want it. He will not be able to go up or down stairs, over dirt or grass nor will he uncrate grills. The grill comes fully assembled. Un-crating: Removing two bolts from the bottom of each post lets you easily lift the crate up and over the top of the pallet. Removing the drywall screws from the top of the crate lets you use this piece of wood as the ramp to get the grill off the palette.
Komodo Kamado ships to pretty much every corner of the world. We generally pick up most or all of the sea freight to main ports. Once there you will be responsible for local custom clearance as well as transportation from the port to your residence. Please contact us for more information.


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