Komodo Kamado Teak Cabinets

This section needs much updating.. Please contact Dennis about what cabinets are available.  The cabinets come in two depths, Deep cabinets are about 10" deeper than the grills to fill tha space created when the grills are used up against a wall. Standard depth cabinets are for when the grill and cabinet are used out in an open space,

We now have all models with 304 stainless steel tops, drawer bottoms and shelves. We regularly make customs cabinets on wheels with lux extras like slide out stainless shelves too.. Anything is do-able.

We are taking orders to build all sizes, we ask for a 50% deposit to build and the balance when the grill has shipped and is on the water. Please send me a photo of the tile you like and we will try to match it.. Tiles are sorted for shade and tone. We can match most tiles found any where on our website or our instagram. https://www.instagram.com/komodo_kamado

We ship every five weeks.. Please call or write to find out the next available container.
The shipping schedule is a month on the water..