Komodo Kamado Teak Cabinets

This section needs much updating.. Please contact Dennis about what cabinets are available.  The cabinets come in two depths, Deep cabinets are about 10" deeper than the grills to fill tha space created when the grills are used up against a wall. Standard depth cabinets are for when the grill and cabinet are used out in an open space,

We now have all models with 304 stainless steel tops, drawer bottoms and shelves. We regularly make customs cabinets on wheels with lux extras like slide out stainless shelves too.. Anything is do-able.

Nothing could have prepared us for 2020. We were completely sold out of our large grill inventory in the US warehouse by the end of May. We have been building grills to order since May. Most of our tiles are not uniform, we sort them for shade and tone. Once sorted, we bag these tiles for the different size Komodos then give them a serial code. Today customers are able to select the exact tiles their grills will be created from. This also lets us offer grills in more unusual colors that we might not have wanted to ship for inventory.
How long it takes depends on when the next container leaves. It’s a month on the water and about 2 weeks to clear customs and get through the port.

The last day to order for the next container is:
January 8th for grills available Stateside in early March