KK Coconut Shell and Coffee wood Charcoal

Unlike other charcoals, KK CoCo Char has no wood flavor profile (volatiles) which lets you cook smoke-free. This lets you add a target smoking wood and get only its profile, not a mix of the charcoal you are using and the target flavor. It produces only 2 1/2 % ash by weight. Burns at 1,200ºf. 
Shisha quality, 98% Charcoal. 2% food-grade tapioka binder.
This latest version is much denser, now almost 24 lbs, not 20 per box. 

You can change the number of boxes you want at the checkout
The problem with the website for quoting bulk charcoal deliveries is that the site is programmed for grills that have a higher class and cost than charcoal.
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We are taking orders to build all sizes, we ask for a 50% deposit to build and the balance when the grill has shipped and is on the water. Please send me a photo of the tile you like and we will try to match it.. Tiles are sorted for shade and tone. We can match most tiles found any where on our website or our instagram. https://www.instagram.com/komodo_kamado

We ship every five weeks.. Please call or write to find out the next available container.
The shipping schedule is a month on the water..