"Komodo Kamados are the best made grills on the market.
Larry Olmstead

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Steven Raichlen
Award-winning author, journalist & TV host
Project Smoke on PBS
“It is Unbelievable. Far and away the best ceramic cooker I’ve used.
Heat control to a single degree.  85 hour burn and it looks like a piece of art.”

Chris Lilly
11 X World Champion Pit Master 
Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ
"Komodo Kamado is the best cooking, most efficient and aesthetically perfect outdoor cooker on the market. Ask your children what tile color they prefer… one day the Komodo Kamado will be theirs.”

Meathead Goldwyn
Hedonism Evangelist and BBQ Whisperer
“Pay attention all you Eggheads; Komodo Kamado may be the most striking cookers in the world with superb craftsmanship and performance with innovative features."

Derrick Riches
Resident BBQ and Grilling Expert for formerly 
The Komodo Kamado is a luxury grill, the epitome of over-engineering. You buy this grill because it is attractive, extremely well built and because you can.”

Top 10,  “Ultimate, Best of the Best on the market”

Top 10 Kamado Grills for 2016


Doug Hanthorn a.k.a “The Naked Whiz"
The World Famous Naked Lump Charcoal Database and Ceramic Charcoal Cooking website
"So if you like having the best, if you like knowing your cooker has been designed to be the best and built with the finest components and materials, if you want a cooker in your back yard that is also a beautiful work of art, if you want a cooker that performs at the highest level, then you will want to give the Komodo Kamado serious consideration. It is simply a stunning cooker. Stunning in its beauty, stunning in its design and stunning in its operation.”