19" Hi-Cap Table Top / 22" Supreme

best ceramic smokers
Grill Sizes 19" Hi-Cap TT 22" Supreme
Standard Tiles $2,840
Pebble & Bronze Tiles $2,940
Upper Grill Area 232 sq" (1,498 cm2)
Main Grill Area 272 sq" (1,758 cm2)
Half Main Grill Area N/A
Lower Grill Area Uses Upper
Total Area 505 sq" (3,256 cm2)
Total 304 Stainless
Width (outside) 23 1/4" (59cm)
Depth 24 1/2" (62cm)
Height 35" (89)
Max width (legs)
Max Depth (open)
Max Height (open) 39 3/4" (101cm)
Crate Size

30" x 37" x 38"

Lid Weight 97 lbs / 44 kg
Base Weight 185 lbs / 84 kg
Net Weight 366 lbs / 166 kg
Gross Weight (crated) 444 lbs / 202 kg
Damper top assembly 304 Stainless
Damper top gasket Ceramic Fiber
Refractory hot face service temp Rated 2,200ºf
Insulation 2 layers Yes
Interior expansion joints Yes
Elastomeric Adhesive/Grout Ceramic Spheres
Main Body Seal CNC cut interlocking
Main Body gasket Food Grade Silicone
Self-Catching latch with cam CNC cut
Handle Brushed 304 Stainless
Side accessory plates Brushed 304 Stainless
All Cooking Grills 3/8" / 9mm 304 Stainless
Charcoal Basket 1/4" / 6.35 mm 304 Stainless
Two-piece (crack-proof) firebox Yes
Heat Deflector Refractory/Contoured
Drip Pan Stainless
Heat shield/ash screen 3 mm 304 Stainless
Rotisserie readiness Yes
BBQ Guru / Stoker Inducer Port Yes
BBQ Guru / Stoker Plug Yes-Teak & Stainless
Thermometer cable sleeve Yes, Food Grade Silicone plug
CNC draft door w/ low airflow dial 304 Stainless, spring loaded
Draft/gas door frame CNC - 304 Stainless
Gas Ready (gas optional) yes
User-Adjustable Rear hinge CNC - 304 Stainless
Galvanised & plated rear Hinge Spring Yes
Rear Hinge / Spring cover Brushed 304 Stainless
Self-Opening Yes, Completely
Rear Spine above & below 304 Stainless
TRU TEL 150-750ºf Thermometer Yes, Celsius non-US
Galvanised casters / wheels

Rolling cart (optional)

Smoke tested in factory Yes, absolutely
Preheated to 1,000ºf Yes, multiple times
Spare Tile Repair kit Yes, w/ matching grout
Spare parts kit Yes, very complete
Lift up & off / easy open crate Yes, re-crate-able
Ramp to take grill off palette n/a