It's in the Details

This damper top keeps out the rain and is insulated to prevent blistered fingers The machined, oversized acme threaded 304 stainless shaft guarantees it will never bind and opens quickly. Just crack it for low temps, spin it open for high temp sears.


The grill has an interlocking lip with a collapsable silicone gasket. This latch has a roller bearing and a two position catch. When you close the grill it catches on the first position. Firmly press the paddle towards the grill and the bearing rolls up and over the cam pulling the grill snugly closed and making an absolutely airtight seal.

Capital D shaped hollow food grade silicone gaskets create a perfect air tight seal.

This plate has three stainless steel aircraft bolts that mate to threaded stainless sleeves welded to the internal strap. These are used to attach the side tables and rotisserie motor bracket.

The rear hinge assembly is produced using state of the art CNC machines. Brushed 304 stainless is digitally laser cut then folded, creating pieces with uniformity previously unavailable. A bit overkill for a grill but is absolutely beautiful if you appreciate mechanical craftsmanship.

There is no escaping physics, the grill will expand when heated. These cuts in the refractory body work as expansion joints. Nature does not always cooperate and the expansion often causes harmless cracks in the hot face. They do not affect the structural integrity of the grill.

KK's patented Two-Piece firebox No avoiding physics.. The firebox needs to expand when heated. This design prevents the cracking that plagues traditional ceramic grills.


1/4" or 6.35mm 304 Stainless steel rod tig welded basket. This is a very easy way to handle your charcoal and ash. Just grab the handles and shake.

This 304 Stainless frame is CNC laser cut and digitally folded to ensure an airtight seam with the draft door.

The draft door has a spring loaded airflow dial that lets you visually reproduce various settings. The volume of airflow is dependent on the setting and how freely the exhaust leaves the chimney creating vacuum. The 32" Big Bad has two draft doors the others one. The rods at the rear are purposely adjusted to create tension to hold the door firmly against the frame. Just a firm jiggle and the door will open for maximum airflow.

This port is for the fan used with a BBQ Guru or Rock's stoker temperature control devices. The machined teak and stainless spring loaded plug is used to close the hole when not in use.

3/8" / 9mm, 304 stainless Lower Sear Grill Puts the meat down near the coals for effortless browning and searing. The front half moon is removable, which lets you add smoking wood during low and slow cooks.


3/8" / 9mm, 304 stainless Main Grill Countersunk from the lip, which keeps unruly meat on the grill and prevents you from closing the lid on your food. The front half moon can be opened, which lets you add smoking wood during low and slow cooks.


3/8" / 9mm, 304 stainless Upper / Reversible Sear Grill Gives you additional space for low and slow cooks, raises your food up into the radiant heat zone (from the ceiling) for browning everything from chickens to pizza to bread. Upper grill can be used over the rib rack.