What's a Kamado ?

What is a kamado grill?
Traditionally, a charcoal kamado is a Japanese earthenware cooking vessel. The most common version today is a hinged ceramic pot with grates, airflow control ports because of this they are often referred to as ceramic grills. While very simple in their design, the quality of the food they produce has generated a cult following for these grills. Ceramic grills are also much more weather resistant than metal grills that have a habit of rusting away in many climates.
Why use a kamado grill instead of a metal grill?
Much more temperature control and stability, less airflow results in more retained moisture in foods. Read More
The heat held in the ceramic grills walls creates the inertia to reduce temperature fluctuations. This stability makes long, low and slow cooks much more user friendly. With metal grills you need to adjust your airflow to compensate when temps drop or even the wind starts to blow to maintain your target cooking temperature.
What is a Komodo Kamado grill?
A Komodo Kamado is a user friendly, luxury ceramic type grill on steroids.. That being said, it's not made from ceramic materials in fact everything from the materials used, to the shape and build quality is radically different from all the other kamado grills on the market. These differences affect not only the cooking experience but the quality and consistency of the food created in it.
Body- Glazed pot ceramic grills
All the ceramic grills on the market today are basically a simple glazed ceramic pot with a high temperature firebox to shield the body from the hot charcoal. They are around with straps around the middle attached to hinges. The problem with this design is that you can't escape physics, the grills expanded and contract when heated and the straps continually need adjustment. When they loose this adjustment they leak and burn up gaskets.
Body- Komodo Kamado
A Komodo Kamado is not a ceramic pot, it is made of refractory cements which is what industry uses for high temperature containment in everything from blast furnaces and nuclear facilities. Read More
Komodo Kamado stability
While this reduced airflow lessens evaporation and creates great food, this insulation creates stability for unheard of set and forget cooking. Set your airflow controls and walk away.. because the ambient temperature no longer affects your grill. Get a good night sleep when you awake your grill be within a few degrees of where you left it, period that simple. No adding fuel or fiddling with airflow even at 30º below zero.
Komodo Kamado Components
The Komodo Kamado is lavishly appointed with 304 stainless steel components,, The 32" grill has 128 lbs of stainless and the 23" grill 85lbs.. Much of this is from the multiple 3/8" rod grates.. The 32" comes standard with four of them and the 23" grill has three that can be used on four levels. The over the top build quality of the stainless could easily be considered over kill on a charcoal grill but to adhere to the best of the best materials and method of fabrication using the laser-cut and digitally folded components were the only choice. The hinge which looks like a suspension component on a race car might not produce better food but it looks amazing and is over built and engineered to last a few lifetimes..