Create KK Testimonials - Spoken or Video

People often ask me if there is anything they can do to help. We have this new application that easily records an audio answer to questions using your smart phone, you can also record video if you like.  No special skills required. Just talk into your phone.
I believe this is a great way to share your enthusiasm about your Komodo Kamado with others.. and of course a great tool for us. 
When entering your name please put Komodo Kamado as the company name if you don't want to use yours.

Please just give one a try.. if you don't like what you have done, you can delete it and try again. 
When recording audio it uses the video camera of your phone but only stores the audio..

you can select video and it will store both audio and video.

Thanks in advance for your help, I really appreciate it.

 Simply click on the questions below to enter the application using a smartphone


What were your first impressions when you uncrated your KK?

How do you explain your KK to others? 

How did you find Komodo Kamado and decide to purchase one of our grills?

If there was one piece of advice you'd give to a person who's on the fence about purchasing a KK, what would you say?

To a wife who is thinking about giving a KK to her husband who cooks on gas, what would you say to reassure her?

What was your buying experience like?

How does the KK rank for you as the best cooker for the job?

What kind of feedback have you had from friends and family regarding your KK?

How has your social life changed by having one of these grills?

How’s cooking on your grill been so far?

What was the best meal—talking just food here—your ever made with the help of your KK?

What was the most memorable meal/grill/event/cookout you ever had with your Komodo Kamado?

Some KK owners report being far less impressed with meat served by restaurants after getting used to grilling with their KK. Has that been your experience?

If you have a 2nd KK or if you did, how you would use it?

Can you share any unexpected ways your Komodo Kamado grill impressed you, or performed beyond your expectations?

Got a story about a friend or family member who was so impressed with your Komodo Kamado grill that he/she just had to purchase one too?

What has your experience been in dealing with the Komodo Kamado company?

Share any KK story here..​​​​​​​

 Think of a great question?  Would love to hear it..

Thanks again!






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I think these are so powerful and much easier to do than you might think..

Thanks Jeff and Robert..

First ones on the dance floor!