“Komodo Kamados are the best made grills on the market”--Larry Olmstead (Forbes Magazine)

Before we start...
There's something we need to make clear.

In a word, scale.

Steven Raichlen, Award-Winning Author, Journalist & TV Host barbecuebible.com:

"It is Unbelievable. Far and away the best ceramic cooker I’ve used. Heat control to a single degree. 85-hour burn and it looks like a piece of art.” 


Full Size Grill - Smoker/Oven. We took our 32” grill, sawed it in half, and slipped another 10” in the middle.

  • Inside dimensions: 42” wide and 22” deep.  
  • 3 levels of 3/8” 304 stainless grates for cooking on 4 levels. 238 lbs of 304 Stainless!
  • Comes with a charcoal basket splitter reducer, letting you cook on a reduced volume of charcoal, creating a two-zone cooking environment.
  • Net weight 1,688 lbs, rolling easily on 6 high-density black rubber castors, 4 in the legs & two under the body, distributing the weight evenly.
  • Standard tiles $9,200. Bronze or Pebble tiles $9,460

Chris Lilly, 16 Times World Champion Pit Master Big Bob Gibson's BBQ:

"Komodo Kamado is the best cooking, most efficient and aesthetically perfect outdoor cooker on the market. Ask your children what tile color they prefer…one day the Komodo Kamado will be theirs."


Full Size Grill - Smoker/Oven. The 32” Big Bad can be used to grill for large groups yet still be user-friendly for everyday cooks.

Because it’s a Komodo Kamado it also will produce incredible smoked meats and baked goods.

Standard tiles $5,900. Bronze or Pebble tiles $6,100

Meathead Goldwyn, Hedonism Evangelist And BBQ Whisperer AmazingRibs.com

"Pay attention all you Eggheads: Komodo Kamado may be the most striking cookers in the world, with superb craftsmanship and performance with innovative features."


Full Size Smoker - Grill Oven. The 23″ is the original flagship of the Komodo Kamado line.

Over the last 15 years every component has been refined & perfected. It is an absolute pleasure to use & performs effortlessly. From grilling, to low & slow smoking to baking pizza this Kamado covers it all with style.

Whether you're a competition chef or buying your first smoker, this KK will exceed your highest expectations.
Standard Tiles $4,260. Bronze or Pebble Tiles $4,440

Derrick Riches, Author, Writer, Product Reviewer DerrickRiches.com

"The Komodo Kamado is a luxury grill, the epitome of over-engineering.
You buy this grill because it is attractive, extremely well built and because you can."


This is the newest addition to the KK table top family.

This grill has an enormous lid for unequaled upper grate capacity and a huge lower bucket that gives it the same charcoal basket to main grate distance as our full sized grills. This is a no-compromise solution to needing a built-into-your-counter grill.

Standard Tiles $4,120. Bronze or Pebble tiles $4,240

Doug Hanthorn aka “The Naked Whiz” Charcoal Database And Ceramic Cooking Website NakedWhiz.com

"So if you like having the best, if you like knowing your cooker has been designed to be the best and built with the finest components and materials.
If you want a cooker in your back yard that is also a beautiful work of art, if you want a cooker
that performs at the highest level, then you will want to give the Komodo Kamado serious consideration.
It's simply a stunning cooker."


The Hi-Cap 19″ Table Top is a great entry level grill, commonly used as a second grill for doing two different cooks at once.

While 20% smaller than it’s larger sibling the 23″ Ultimate, this table top makes up for its smaller territory by adding huge capacity in the lid, letting you throw a big chunk of meat on the main grill and then load up the upper grate/grill with multiple pork butts/shoulders.

The chimney in the rear gives you a uniform ceiling for browning and baking, like an Italian wood oven.

Standard Tiles $2,800. Bronze or Pebble tiles $2,900

"SO CAL COOKER"  (from the KK Forum -- KomodoKamadoForum.com)

"Now about Dennis. This guy is like somebody you may only do business with a couple of times in your life. The trust and straightforward business approach Dennis demonstrates is truly unique.

I wish all my business experiences were as pleasurable as this has been. For all of you out there "on the fence". GET OFF! Dennis is the real deal and his product is like none I have experienced. It is everything as advertised and more. You won't be sorry."


This is the new mighty 16″ Table Top KK.

It has all the same build features and quality as her larger siblings but can easily fit into a patio counter where you just don’t have the room for a larger grill but want the ability to do small quick or long cooks.

Perfect for an apartment patio or small outdoor kitchen. Two 3/8″ 304 Stainless grids, three cooking positions.

Standard Tiles $2,080. Bronze Metallic or Pebble tiles $2,150

A Message from the founder, Dennis Linkletter: Why Buy A Komodo Kamado?

That's no jacuzzi--it's the 42" Serious Big Bad lower shell! (Dennis not included)

I’m Dennis Linkletter, founder and creator of Komodo Kamado grills.

Why Komodo Kamado?

Are you someone who appreciates fine quality, insists on having the best of the best and won’t compromise when purchasing equipment?

Someone who understands great design and wants something beautiful when they look out on their deck?

Then a Komodo Kamado is for you.

That being said…we know our grills are not for everyone — and that's ok.

If a high-quality super grill seems ridiculous to you, there are many much more “mainstream” glazed-pot kamados on the market.

Some people claim Komodo’s costly features and components are outright lavish and extravagant...and they’re right.

Does a grill really need high-tech insulation or CNC laser cut components? Absolutely not.

On the other hand, if you value overkill and unsurpassed performance….

And think that a ceramic grill with 238 lbs of 304 stainless is awesome...

We are building grills for you.

And…you’re going to love…pulling the latch trigger and watching the massive lid open unassisted, and then closing with just a tug of your finger.

You’re going to love feeling the heft...of the 3/8” stainless steel grates.

You’re going to love...the mechanical components that are CNC laser cut from brushed stainless then digitally folded and tig welded.

You’re going to love the performance...that three different types of insulation give you...

One basket/16lbs of charcoal at 235º will burn for 85 hours.

Not a lot of airflow to dry out your meat there...

Oh and most of all…you're going to love hearing...

The ooh's and ahh's when your friends and family taste the food you’ve cooked!

Yes total overkill, but absolutely necessary…

Because, we build the finest grills possible...no expense spared.

Because...we build a grill so user-friendly that using it is actually intuitive.

Because…we make every component from the finest materials available and use the best methods of fabrication.

That’s what you’ll get with our grills. But you also get much more…The more is something no other company can or will give you...the more is me.

I’ll be there with you every step of the way from choosing the right grill and accessories, getting it delivered to your door, and if you’re a first time chef I’ll even walk you through your first cook.

Purchase a Komodo Kamado grill and you'll get a bit of me with every grill shipped...

A grill that you will treasure as a family heirloom.

A grill that will produce great food for a lifetime.

If you have not clicked away by now and are still here...you're probably the person I have in mind when I build these grills.

So…does a Komodo Kamado Grill sound great?

Give us a call. You won’t get a call center. You’ll get me.

Let’s discuss how I can help you get cooking on one of my masterpieces.

I'm online taking calls & chatting just about every day from 1 pm to 5-6pm EST.
Click any number for VoIP toll-free call to Indonesia:
• From USA (310) 896-4679
• From Australia (02) 8006 0968
• Using WhatsApp +62 818 850-860
Please leave a message if no answer. 
Or, just use the chat window on this website.

How Is A Komodo Kamado Grill Different From Generic Kamados?

Komodo Kamado is the ultimate precision engineered, high performance grill and smoker. That's easy to claim, so let's look a little closer.

Put simply, a Komodo Kamado isn't a ceramic pot!

It's made of refractory cements, which industry uses for high-temperature containment in everything from blast furnaces to nuclear facilities.

Imagine the performance difference when you compare a 1/4” glazed pot to the multi-layer design Komodo Kamado: 

First, the KK has a dense refractory hot face which is 1 1/2” thick. That’s five times the volume.

Outside of that, there is another 1 1/2” of high performing vermiculite and silica insulation to hold the heat in. This porous material is then sprayed with an acrylic insulation with nano-ceramic spheres which also holds heat in, but more importantly creates a waterproof jacket to keep moisture/water out of the porous insulation.

Then, the beautiful 1/8” thick ceramic tiles are attached to this acrylic jacket using the same UV-resistant material. The magic of this now tiled jacket is that when heated it becomes elastomeric. It moves with the grill when it expands--there's no escaping physics--and the grill grows when heated.

This sandwich of materials does two things. It has a huge volume of thermal mass which creates a convection oven type of uniform heat, and it prevents heat from escaping.

This is the key to better food. With BBQ it's all about the airflow.

Copious amounts of insulation simply hold the heat in. Charcoal always burns at the maximum volume for the allowed airflow. All this efficiency translates into one bowl (16 pounds) of charcoal burning for 85 hours at 235 degrees Fahrenheit!

When you burn less fuel to maintain your cooking temperature, you have less airflow, less evaporation, and bingo--more retained moisture.

And, the reduced airflow creates more retention time for the charcoal's vapor/smoke.

Condensation is how the vapor is transferred to your food. Common sense would dictate that the longer the vapor is with your meat, the more condensation will take place. So, not just more retained moisture, but also more flavor.

That’s better BBQ by design, engineering, and performance.

Questions? Talk to founder/designer Dennis now (310) 896-4679 

The Komodo Kamado Story

Dennis Linkletter, the founder and designer of Komodo Kamado, grew up in Laguna Beach CA and has been living and working in Indonesia for the last 30 years.

The Komodo Kamado journey started when Dennis heard about a factory in Indonesia that was abandoned when its “morally ambiguous” owner was forced to leave the country.

After hearing this story, Dennis discovered on the internet that several companies were successfully selling Kamado style, egg-shaped grills and their customers were unusually passionate about them.

He decided to build a grill that capitalized on the strengths and corrected the flaws. Adopting the talented and experienced factory crew, Dennis launched Komodo Kamado.

Over the next 15 years every feature of ceramic cookers was examined, brainstormed upon then redesigned. The resulting grill is completely revolutionary in it’s materials, design, engineering and performance.

If you take into consideration methods of fabrication, quality of materials, engineering and performance, it’s obvious that Komodo Kamado is the industry’s unchallenged leader as the ultimate, high performance grill for the discriminating enthusiast.

Dennis successfully designed and built multiple lines of teak furniture which were sold throughout the United States, but primarily through Not So Far East Trading in Los Angeles.

Today his hand hewn/distressed teak flooring and doors are incorporated in hotels, high-end homes and retail spaces worldwide.

He currently lives in Bali with his Thai wife Saisuda and their two children. And because it’s always asked--yes he is the son of Jack Linkletter and grandson of television legend Art Linkletter.

Dennis is online taking calls & chatting just about every day from 1 pm to 5-6pm EST. 
Click any number for VoIP toll-free call to Indonesia:
• From USA (310) 896-4679
• From Australia (02) 8006 0968
• Using Whatsapp +62 818 850-860
Please leave a message if no answer. 
Or, just use the chat window on this website.


If you're thinking it might be finally time to talk to Dennis, it probably is.

No obligation obviously, and it's your chance to speak with one of the world's foremost experts on kamado-style grills & smokers.

Call Dennis for a taste of the responsiveness and quality you can expect with Komodo Kamado: (310) 896-4679

If you're used to the finer things, the feeling will be a familiar one.