Black Friday Komodo Kamado Owner's Sale ~ 16" Table Top--=

Komodo Kamado Owners Special Discount $500 off . 

I'd prefer to offer these to my owners discounted than to the general public because to the public it would conflict with my no discounts on the grill policy..  

16" Table Top Accessories

These 16" grills are being discontinued because they simply don't sell and pound for pound, inch for inch they are the most expensive Komodo Kamados built because of their small size.  

16.5″ Table Top KK.  Has all the same build features and quality as her larger siblings but can easily fit into a patio counter where you just don’t have the room for a larger grill but want the ability to do small quick or long cooks. Perfect for an apartment patio or small outdoor kitchen.  Two 3/8″ 304 Stainless grids, three cooking positions.

We are taking orders to build all sizes, we ask for a 50% deposit to build and the balance when the grill has shipped and is on the water. Please send me a photo of the tile you like and we will try to match it.. Tiles are sorted for shade and tone. We can match most tiles found any where on our website or our instagram.

We ship every five weeks.. Please call or write to find out the next available container.
The shipping schedule is a month on the water..

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