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2017 Komodo Kamado Price List

Komodo Kamado grills are sold factory direct wholesale to the public. No distributors, dealers, retailers etc.  We price them at what we need to get, not some inflated price that we slash from.  Because of this, we do not discount the grills.. we simply don’t have that additional margin to discount from.

We only discount grills if a model is being discontinued or an update has made is less desirable.  That being said, I’m always happy/willing to sweeten the deal if it’s a larger or multiple grill order but it won’t be a significant discount or source of revenue for anybody.  

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42"  Serious Big Bad        

$9,200  Square tiles                 $9,460  Pebble & Bronze metallic tiles
Here is the 42” Serious Big Bad, the newest member of the KK family.
This is absolutely the Biggest Baddest Kamado on the Planet..


32"  Big Bad
$5,900  Square tiles                   $6,100  Pebble & Bronze metallic tiles
The 32” Big Bad is designed for those who need to “GRILL” for larger groups
square feet yet still be user-friendly for everyday cooks. With 12 square feet
of total grilling surface, there’s plenty of room at all four levels.


23"  Ultimate 
$4,260  Square tiles                   $4,440  Pebble & Bronze metallic tiles
The 23″ Ultimate is the original flagship of the Komodo Kamado line.
It is an absolute pleasure to use and performs effortlessly. From grilling to
low and slow smoking to baking pizza this KK covers it all with style.



21" Supreme ~ Taking orders.. already shipping!
$3,560  Square tiles                   $3,580  Pebble & Bronze metallic tiles
This is the new grill that I've been trying to get to bring market for a few years, the 19" is too small for many traditional low and slow cuts.. the 23" is a bit more grill than some couples need. This makes the 21" a very desirable size.  It has a high capacity lid for extra space on the upper grate and a base pulled a bit wide at the charcoal basket with a thin firebox and grill shaped charcoal basket to maximize the direct charcoal to lower grate area for searing. 


22”  Hi-Cap Table Top  
$4,120  Square tiles                   $4,280  Pebble & Bronze metallic tiles
This 22” table top grill has an enormous lid for unequaled upper grate
capacity and a huge lower bucket that gives it the same charcoal basket
to main grate distance as our full sized grills.  This is a no-compromise
solution to needing a built-into-your-counter grill.


21" Supreme Tall - Target ship date June 2017

19" Hi-Cap Tall    - Discontinued Currently on Sale
$3,280  Square tiles                   $3,380  Pebble & Bronze metallic tiles 

19" Hi-Cap Table Top     
$2,800  Square tiles                   $2,900  Pebble & Bronze metallic tiles
The Hi-Cap 19″ Table Top is a great entry level grill and commonly used
as a second grill for doing two different cooks at once. While 20% smaller
than the 23″ Ultimate, this table top makes up for it’s smaller territory by
adding huge capacity in the lid.


16" Hi-Cap Table Top
$2,080 Square tiles                   $2,150  Pebble & Bronze metallic tiles
This mighty 16″ Hi-Cap Table Top.  Has all the same build features and
quality as her larger siblings but can easily fit into a patio counter where
you just don’t have the room for a larger grill. Perfect for an apartment
patio or small outdoor kitchen.


The pebble and bronze tiles have a surcharge because they are not purchased from the factory.  

SHOPPING FOR A KAMADO?  Here are posts on the KK forum which include detailed uncrating posts and buyer relevant information