19" Hi-Cap Table Top, Metallic Bronze Kamado Grill, - EP980V

Unique Inventory # E9270E

19" Hi-Cap Table Top, Metallic Bronze  - EP980V
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Most tiles are sorted for shade and tone. Please send us photos of tiles you would like us to try and match. We will send you photos of the sorted tiles for your approval before we build.

The Hi-Cap 19″ Table Top kamado grill is the newest addition to the Komodo Kamado family. While 20% smaller than it’s larger sibling the 23″ Ultimate, this tabletop makes up for it’s smaller territory by adding huge capacity in the lid. This high capacity lid lets you throw a big chunk of meat on the main grill and then load up the upper grate/grill with multiple pork butts/shoulders. The chimney in the rear gives you a uniform ceiling for browning and baking like an Italian wood oven, The hi-cap lid was inspired by the 32″ Big Bad which was designed to hold huge volumes of food for entertaining large groups or commerce.