21" Supreme, Matte Black SPW680F

 The 21″ Supreme is the newest addition to the Komodo Kamado line. Everything we have learned over the last 14 years has made it's way into this grill. From it's Hi-Cap lid to it's wide charcoal basket for uniform down low uniformity. This grill is so user-friendly that using it is actually intuitive. From grilling to low and slow smoking to baking pizza this grill covers it all with style.

This is the grill that I've been trying to get to bring to market for a few years, the 19" is too small for many traditional low and slow cuts.. the 23" is a bit more grill than some couples need. This makes the 21" a very desirable size.  It has a high-capacity lid for extra space on the upper grate and a base pulled a bit wide at the charcoal basket with a thin firebox and grill-shaped charcoal basket to maximize the direct charcoal to the lower grate area for searing.   
This grill will have a sea freight surcharge added
21” Supreme                 1.24 m3            $   366