22" The Beast Table Top 3/8" SS Lower Grate


This 3/8" 304 Stainless Steel Grate is designed to sit on the shelf between the charcoal basket and the main grill. Much hotter than the main grate position but still a bit up out of the way of most flames unless you have a lot of fat dripping into the charcoal. The front has a hinged half moon so you always have access to your charcoal without removing the grates while cooking.

The massive grates are all hand fitted and TIG welded in a CNC laser cut jig for accuracy.  The 3/8" rods are 66% larger than 1/4" grates giving you loads of thermal mass to create great char marks on your meat.  These grates are massive weighing in at almost 17 pounds.  

This lower position can be cooked on using the Supplied standard Upper Grate sitting on it's long legs sits exactly in this position. Some customers us this to put foil on to use in leu of the heat deflector to create indirect cooks

I like using this optional grate to set foil and your drip pan on for low and slow cooks when I want to stack the meat using the upper at the same time..