23" Ultimate ~ Charcoal Basket Splitter


23" Ultimate ~ Charcoal Basket Splitter  
This is the basket splitter creates two-zone cooking and the stainless sheet also effectively shuts off the airflow on the one side which doubles the airflow on the other side.  Reaching down into the grill with a volleyball volume of charcoal raging can be a bit intimidating.. lots of BTUs.  Great for grilling small volumes because you are only lighting 1/2 of the basket.  
I use it for all grilling because I like it so much. It's my favorite accessory, really nice to have the two zones.   One screaming hot and one shielded. It gives you a place to safely hold your hand as long as you like while playing with your food. 
I turn the splitter so it's in the 2:00 and 7:00 position.. great for a right-handed chef (but can be set for left too)
This grill is crafted out 6 lbs of TIG-welded 1/4" 304 Stainless and 3mm CNC laser cut SS sheet.