42" Serious BB, Terra Blue - SW260F Sold Ray


Here is the 42” Serious Big Bad, the newest member of the KK family.
This is absolutely the Biggest Baddest Kamado on the Planet..  
No doubt about it.

 We took our 32” grill sawed it in half and slipped another 10” in the middle.  Its inside dimensions are 42” wide and 22” deep. It comes standard with 3 levels of 3/8”” 304 stainless grates that can be used to cook on 4 levels. It also comes standard with a charcoal basket splitter reducer that lets you cook on a reduced volume of charcoal. This creates a huge two-zone cooking environment.  Weighs in at about 1,500 lbs and rolls easily on 6 high-density black rubber castors, 4 in the legs and two under the body to distribute the weight evenly.   It has 238 lbs of 304 Stainless..