50% Deposit to custom build/order any 21" Supreme - Pick your Tile

Use this to make your deposit on any 21" Supreme.  Most colors you see on the site are  available.

50% deposit to build to order. Balance due when shipped and on the water.
Most tiles are sorted for shade and tone. Please send us photos of tiles you want us to try and match. We will send you photos of the sorted tiles for your approval before we build.  Delivery will be added later. Please order your covers now.

This 21" Supreme is the grill that I've been trying to get to bring to market for a few years. The 19" is too small for many traditional low and slow cuts.. the 23" is a bit more grill than some couples need. This makes the 21" a very desirable size. It has the new high-capacity lid, and a base pulled a bit wide at the charcoal basket with a reduced firebox and grill-shaped basket to maximize the direct charcoal to grate lower searing.