Coffee Wood Charcoal 44 lb BOX ~


I can get you up to 50% off on this website's quoted delivery charges.

it charges for grills (class 70) and the charcoal is class 50..
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Coffee Wood Charcoal 44 lb Box  - Palette Sales only -

MInimum 5 Bag min on palettes

This link can be used to check different volumes delivery cost.. enter your zip code, change the weight and add 40lbs for the palette and choose if it's residential or needs a lift gate delivery

Coffee Wood Lump Charcoal ~20 kg / 44 lb bags  @ $1.25 lb  = $55.00

minimum 5 bags, max 30 bags on one palette
You can change the number of bags you want in the checkout

These single bags of charcoal can also be added to a grill purchase

Komodo Kamado LUMP Coffee Wood Charcoal is hand bagged selecting only larger and medium pieces that have more organic material to impart more flavor to your cooks. The larger pieces should actually give off some smoke. This charcoal's flavor is beautiful. 

I get GREAT rates to businesses..The business needs a loading dock or forklift.  
Call or write for a quote.

No single box sales without grill purchase
(UPS for box sent alone will be more than the char) 
if you purchase less than 5 from this page your $ will be refunded

If this gets booked as UPS ground, something went wrong and it will be crazy expensive.  
Hit me up on email or chat and I'll make you an invoice with the correct figures.

UPS freight or other trucking lines is what it needs to be.