Coconut Shell Charcoal 22 lb boxes ~ w/Grill Sales Only

These single 22lb boxes charcoal can ONLY BE ADDED TO A GRILL PURCHASE 
(UPS for boxes sent alone will be more than the char)
if you purchase charcoal without a grill from this page your $ will be refunded

You can send as much charcoal as you want with a grill purchase. It will be the most inexpensive way you will every buy bulk charcoal because it adds very little to the delivery cost.

Coconut Shell Charcoal ~ 22 lb boxes 17" x 9" x 8"

Komodo Kamado Sustainable Extruded Coconut Shell Charcoal 
Unlike other charcoals, KK CoCo Char has no wood flavor profile (volatiles) which lets you cook smoke-free. This lets you add a target smoking wood and get only its profile, not a mix of the charcoal you are using and the target flavor.

If you want single boxes we have 11lb boxes that can be sent USPS flat rate..