Deposit - Tiles to build a 22" Beast - Matte Black Pebble


Matte Black tiles are uniform... We have these in stock to build grills

This deposit puts you on the build list and reserves these tiles for your custom grill. The 22" Beast in these Pebble tiles will be $5,000.  This deposit will apply to your purchase. Please contact us for target ship dates.       

Can't find what you want? We can build it for you...
50% deposit to build to order. Balance due when shipped, and on the water.
Most tiles are sorted for shade and tone. Please send us photos of tiles you would like us to try and match. We will send you photos of the sorted tiles for your approval before we build.

This is the newest addition to the KK family. This grill has an enormous lid for unequaled upper grate capacity and a huge lower bucket that gives it the same charcoal basket to main grate distance as our full-sized grills.  This is a no-compromise solution to needing a built-into-your-counter kamado grill.