Extruded Coco Char 11 lb ~Single Box with Grill Purchase

 Coconut Shell Charcoal 11 lb SINGLE BOX SALES for with Grill purchases only

 Komodo Kamado Sustainable Extruded Coconut Shell Charcoal 

Unlike other charcoals, KK CoCo Char has no wood flavor profile (volatiles) which lets you cook smoke-free. This lets you add a target smoking wood and get only its profile, not a mix of the charcoal you are using and the target flavor.
This is by far the cleanest CoCo char on the market, 2.5% ash and burns up to 1,200ºf.  (industry standard is (7-15% ash)
Shisha quality, 98% Charcoal. 2% food grade tapioka binder.