Extruded Coco Char 11+lb ~with USPS Flat Rate Postage Included


Coconut Shell Charcoal 11 lb SINGLE BOX SALES  includes USPS Flat Rate Box cost
Delivery included anywhere in the Continental US ~ Total price: $38.80

These boxes were produced to slip into a medium USPS Flat Rate Box 
Coconut Shell Charcoal ~ 11 lb boxes    11 1/4" x 8 3/4" x 6"

Charcoal $23.30+ Flat Rate Postage $15.50 = $38.80 anywhere (continental US)

Komodo Kamado Sustainable Extruded Coconut Shell Charcoal 
Unlike other charcoals, KK CoCo Char has no wood flavor profile (volatiles) which lets you cook smoke-free. This lets you add a target smoking wood and get only its profile, not a mix of the charcoal you are using and the target flavor.
This is by far the cleanest CoCo char on the market, 2.5% ash and burns up to 1,200ºf.  (industry standard is (7-15% ash)
Shisha quality, 98% Charcoal. 2% food grade tapioka binder.

The sample box labels are 5 kg / 11 lb but actually contain 5.35 kg /11.77 lbs, these are $23.30 ($1.98 lb)