Gas Burner assembly

Gas is not always a four letter word around here.. Many of our customers are long-time charcoal cooking fans looking to upgrade and they’ve already got a preferred method for starting their fuel. Some are purists who prefer thechimney starters, others use a propane torch or “weed burner” to light their fire. For a clean, integrated solution we offer a gascharcoal lighter that can take the hassle out of starting even the most stubborn lump charcoal. The Gen II has a second rear doorassemble for the gas burner and the gas burner is used thru the front draft door assembly on the Lil Isla. I recommend this ONLY for lighting charcoal for quick grilling, searing and high temperature cooks. The burner lights too much charcoal for low and slowcooking. Low and slow cooks should also burn from the top of the bowl. While I have customers who love their KK gas many endup in storage in their garage. $178 + UPS Ground