KK Clean Smoke Generator

Our KK Clean Smoke Generator is made from CNC laser-cut components. It can generate clean smoke for low and slow cooks with charcoal burning and without burning charcoal in the grill can create very low-temperature smoke for cold smoking. This lets you add a smoke profile without cooking the meat.   All parts are made of 2mm of 304 stainless steel. (3 1/4 lbs SS)   The smoker can be lit from the side ports or with a small piece of burning charcoal. The pump creates a vacuum that keeps the wood smoldering for hours. Burns pellets, chips, or small chunks.

***This comes standard with a straight inducer tube that plugs into the smoker faceplate that is on all new Komodos.. 
**** If you have an older Komodo you will need the curved tube with an adapter that fits into the BBQ Guru inductor sleeve/ KK BBQ guru port. If you need this curved pipe with an adapter LET US KNOW**

YouTube The Komodo Kamado Smoke Generator

 Adjustable Air-pump included.

 Naked Whiz review of this Generator