OneGrill Universal Stainless Steel Grill Rotisserie Motor 13 watt 50 lb. Load

This OneGrill Outdoor Grill Rotisserie Motor has been engineered to exceed the performances of standard "big box" outdoor grill rotisserie motors with nearly 3 times the amount of power of motors in this size class (13 watt motor producing 72 in./lbs. of torque). A stainless steel weather resistant housing aptly protects the motor from minor elements during a cook and provides a rust proof finish. With a multi-gear, anti-backlash gear train this motor avoids the common "flopping" issues seen on weaker motors with uneven cooking of unbalanced loads (within the prescribed limits seen below). Direct fitment to all standard/popular 3'' wide motor mounts. Accepts 5/16'' square drive spits. 110/120 volt operation with standard three prong grounded cord end. As with all rotisserie motors a bracket employing approximately 3" or more of gap between the grill and the motor are required to maintain operation and reliability at the high temperatures grills produce. All available OneGrill bracket sets maintain adequate distance or shielding.* Motor Capacity rating assumes proper load balancing. Weight capacity varies based on weight balancing achieved, rotation surfaces, and animal type. Generally this motor is not designed for animals that are not well balanced above 30 pounds (example: pig or lamb). *Please note that this item is an outdoor use grill rotisserie motor and is designed for utility only in conjunction with outdoor grill rotisseries or other outdoor cooking appliances that specifically require the use of an electrically powered grill rotisserie motor for the intention of cooking food. This motor is not intended for use in manufacturing/coatings or in environments other than described. Backed by the OneGrill 1 year "No Hassle Warranty". Motor spins clockwise when looking at the input. 
  • Rustproof stainless steel water-resistant housing
  • Designed for easy replacement or upgrade of existing rotisserie motors
  • Anti-backlash gear train provides quiet, smooth operation
  • Recommended for load of 50 lbs. or less when well balanced
  • The recommended ceiling of 30 lbs. or less for imbalanced loads such as pig or lamb
  • Professional quality components designed for extended duty usage
  • 1 Year OneGrill™ "No Hassle" Warranty 
  • Product Code: 4pm05

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